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Tamara Obrovac TransAdriatic Quartet

Remaining devoted to her musical expression in which Tamara Obrovac blends Istrian tradition and modern jazz, she presents new compositions written particularly for her innovative TransAdriatic Quartet.

Leon GurvitchTamara Obrovac

At a series of concerts in Slovenia and Croatia in February 2017 new compositions were presented by a new line-up in which, in addition to her fellow musician Krunoslav Levačić on drums, she is also joined by two Italians: Stefano Battaglia on piano and Salvatore Maiore on double bass.

The band was also invited to Croatian National Television. The new songs were superbly interpreted by these outstanding musicians and the reaction of the audience and press in Slovenia and Croatia was exceptional. In 2019 Tamara Obrovac will release a new album with her line-up. With this innovative project Tamara has once again created a unique musical concept which successfully fuses modern jazz and traditional music.

Tamara Obrovac (HR) - vocal
Stefano Battaglia (IT) - piano
Salvatore Maiore (IT) - double bass
Krunoslav Levačić (HR) - drums

LIVE @ Croatian National Television Zagreb, February 2017: "Dvi divojke" / "Two maidens"

LIVE @ Istrian National Theatre Pula, February, 2017: "Mriž zvizdami"/"Interstellar"

"Slavuj piva"/"A nightingale Sings"


Tamara Obrovac



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Tamara Obrovac quartet
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